Your Big Ticket!

Do You Realize Just How Close You Are to An Extra $200,000 Within the Next 8 Months?

I mean, really, Do you actually realize just how close you are? Let me ask you a question: If you had a business and in the span of 30 days 15 customers walked in and bought some of your products, some used cars for example, and they each spent just $6,500 for 15 of your cars. That would have put $97,000 in your pockets that month, right?

And what if during another month 15 customers each spent $22,000 for 15 of your cars. How much money would you have earned that month? $330,000 right?

Those examples tell you that it can be done, and it is being done every month at more than 16,000 new car dealerships and more than 139,000 used car dealerships in the United States. If there was a very viable way that this very thing could happen for you-you would want to know about it, right?  

No, you won't be selling cars, & I'm not going to tell you this can happen for you in the next 30 days, but you wouldn't be upset if I showed you how this could happen for you within the next 7 months, all within a 30 to 60 day period, would you?

I'm sure you do know that today there are digital products being sold on the internet for as much as $25,000 and more. These products are being sold in what is known as high-ticket programs, which are designed to create high profits for anyone who chooses to sell them.  

Would you be shocked to learn that each year more than 500,000 new millionaires are created in the United States, with 2017 seeing more than 1.1 million added!

A major key to increasing your wealth is knowing that it's possible!


My mission here today is to illustrate how you, regardless of who you are, and even if you only have $30 in your bank account, can have an extra $200k or more in your bank account within the next 8 months, put there in a span of 30 to 60 days, even if your customers have no more than $30 in their bank accounts today, and you can do this even if you only had 14 or 15 customers, (with not a bit of credit) and lastly, you only need to personally get 5 of these customers yourself!

QUESTION: If there was a way in existence for you to take a small amount of money and grow it into a multi six-figure income within an 8 month period, a strategy which is being kept from the masses, but used by a select few elite marketers in the world to enrich themselves and their loved ones, you would want to be made aware of it, wouldn't you?

Below is the outline for a unique strategy that will allow you to drastically increase your income in the next few months. If you are someone who did not plan for your retirement and is concerned about how you're going to support yourself after retirement we just may have the answer to your dilemma. This is also an excellent way to pay for a new vehicle, your mortgage, your bills and more.

You only need 5 good people who are in the same boat economically as you and are looking for an answer. Your 5 people (customer base) will increase because of the Easy 1Up and Prosperity Nexus (PNG) program's marketing plans. These would be your customers, as this is more a traditional retail store/retail customer relationship than a multi-level marketing relationship. This is not multi-level marketing. You will make money only on the people who buy directly from you.


Generally, if you had just 5 dedicated customers who duplicated your efforts in this program you would end up with no more than 14 customers, but these 14 customers will return to you about every 30 days to buy one of your higher-priced products. Because of the higher-priced PNG products 14 customers are more than enough to deliver to you a multi-six figure income in a matter of a few months.

While many, many people are using the Easy 1Up and PNG programs to earn hundreds and thousands of dollars each day & week right from the start, our main focus is on everyone starting at the $25 level and/or building a strong customer base of 5 good people so that their income will steadily rise so as to be able to afford the higher-priced products in the coming months.


There are no limits on how many customers you can have, but with the income potential being so high we're using an example of where everyone only has 5 customers
As you'll see this starts out slow, in the first few months the profits are very small.

These are the months where you're building your foundation and getting your momentum started, and within just 5 to 6 months, you'll begin to see how your income explodes.


How To Take Your Income Well Beyond the Stratosphere Within The Next 8 Months!

(With Only 14 Customers Who Start With $25)

Your First 30 Days -


Sign Up For Your FREE Site - Buy Your Initial Inventory

After signing up for your site, you're in business. The next step for you is to buy your beginning inventory. In this program we'll use the $25 product as an example. Next, you'll pay the $5 license fee, which gives you the right to resell the products & earn 100% commissions.

So that you can be paid immediately - Funds Deposited to Your Bank Account!
You'll need a merchant and/or bank account for your Easy 1Up & PNG programs.

With your purchase you receive your own personalized Easy 1Up affiliate website for you to market and collect 100% commissions on.

Your Easy 1Up Affiliate website is where your prospects will sign up and buy directly from you. You'll maintain a close networking relationship with them as they will become your customers and push you through to the higher levels as they continue to buy from you at each new level.


In Order To Capitalize On This MASSIVELY Within 6 to 10 Months, You'll Need To Get Your 5 Customers Within Your first 30 Days!

(and encourage your customers/associates to do the same)



With your Easy 1 Up affiliate site, you're in business for yourself, with the money from all sales being paid directly to you, 100%. Easy 1Up uses a Reverse 1 Up marketing plan, so in Easy 1 Up you'll lose your 2nd sale (referral) to your sponsor, but you'll gain the 2nd sale/person from everyone you refer.

Your remaining 4 customers will buy the $25 Easy 1Up package directly from you,

allowing you to earn $100 in commissions.

We start at the $25 level so this opportunity will be affordable to everyone.


Your 2nd Month In:

Your 4 customers are making sales for their respective stores.
You receive 2nd customer from each & earn $25 on each for $100 in earnings.
You now have 8 customers/associates
You'll upgrade by buying the Easy 1Up $100 package from your sponsor

Your 3rd Month In:

Your 8 customers upgrade by buying the $100 package from you.
You earn $800 in commissions
You upgrade to $500 Level

(At this point you might think that you're not doing very much. However, if things keep going the way they have so far, in another 4 months your income will be well over $200,000.)


Your 4th Month In:

Your 8 customers upgrade by buying the $500 package from you
You earn $4,000 in commissions
You upgrade to $2,000 Level

Your 5th Month In:

Your 8 customers upgrade by buying the $2,000 package from you.
You earn $16,000 in commissions

You Join Prosperity Nexus Group at the $3,500 Level!


Your 6th Month In:

Your 8 customers Join Prosperity Nexus Group (PNG) at the $3,500 level.
Prosperity Nexus Group uses a 1 Up marketing plan, so you'll lose your 1st customer/referral
to your sponsor to qualify you to earn commissions in the PNG program, leaving you with 7 original customers, and you'll gain the 1st customer/referral from each person you sponsor, giving you 7 new customers, and a total of 14 customers.

You Earn $24,500 in commissions on your 7 original customers purchases

You upgrade in the PNG program by buying the $6,500 package from your sponsor.

7th Month In:
Your 7 customers upgrade in the PNG program by buying your $6,500 package
plus you receive the 1st associate from each of your 7 associates to qualify them
to earn commissions in the 8FDL program. You now have 14 associates (customers)
You earn $45,500 on your 7 original customers & $24,500 on your 7 new associates who are just now buying their way into the PNG program at the $2,000 level.
- $70,000 Total Earnings

You upgrade to the $12,500 level by buying the $12,500 package

Your 8th Month In:

Your 7 original customers upgrade by buying your $12,500 package
You earn $87,500 on their purchases
Your 7 new customers upgrade by buying your $6,500 package
You earn $45,500 on their purchase - $133,000 Total
You upgrade to the $22,000 level by buying the $22,000 package


Your 9th Month In:

Your 7 original customers upgrade by buying your $22,000 Package
You earn $154,000 on their purchases
Your 7 new customers upgrade by buying your $12,500 package
You earn $87,500 on their purchases -

$241,500 Total Earnings


Your 10th Month In:

Your 7 new customers upgrade by buying your $22,000 package
You earn $154,000 on their purchases!
In this example, 
My Friend, within a period of just 10 months...

You Have Earned Over $600,000!!!




It's Nice to Know Where You Want to Go, It's Even Better When You Have A Roadmap!


In All Likelihood, You WILL NOT Earn $600,000 With This But
If You Join This With The Intention To Make Money
It Is Almost Assured You Will Earn A Very Substantial Sum of Money!
NOTE: The above is just an illustration, and not an actual example of anyone's income. There are NO GUARANTEES of what anyone will actually earn in this program. Everyone's numbers will be different, dependent on what each individual and their associates do in their buying and referral efforts.
Can You Imagine The Day When You'll Be Thinking To Yourself: "wow, I've made more money in the last month than I've made in the last 2 years!"

After Sign-up and payment, you will receive a Welcome Email and your Easy 1Up affiliate website.


To Get Started & Sign Up for Easy 1Up

Get in Touch with the Person

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The Most Important Part: To make this happen for you all you need to do is sign up for the Easy 1Up program above, refer just 5 close associates to this page, and have them join Easy 1Up under you by signing up with your Easy 1Up affiliate link. Have your associates repeat the same steps by working with 5 of their associates.

Be sure to use the proceeds from your sales to upgrade to the higher levels. This is how you'll know the program is working as it should and that your economic foundation is being built beneath you.