Systematical Rant…

How Long Are You Going to Continue To Settle For The Hand You're Being Dealt?

Please read the information below very carefully because if you have been looking for a way to substantially raise your income & standard of living this very well could be it!)
Have you reached the point in your life where you've given up on your dreams and goals? Are you feeling like you'll never be able to start that business or win that lottery prize that'll allow you to achieve the great American dream? The conditions in your world are not so bad that you're ready to go and bury your head in the sand, are you?
My friend, this is 2018, and we are living in the midst of a multi-trillion dollar a day economy in what is still known as the greatest country on the planet. Many foreigners are still trying to get here every day because they know this is the land of opportunity and the best place to be.
Trillions of dollars are circulating every day in this new world economy and many, many people are taking advantage of it and living like royalty, and traveling from country to country, while most of the citizens of this country are still living like slaves and trapped in our day to day struggles, living on 1920's type wages.

It's all about moving money throughout the system. When you include all the commercial businesses and the billions of people on this planet you have millions upon millions of entities plugged into this vast economic engine. 

If you have a bank account you're plugged in also. All you need to do now is find a way to increase the number of dollars flowing through your personal bank. This program represents that way for you: If all you did was build your personal network with just 14 people - and they followed you and upgraded all the way up to the $22,000 level you would earn over $600,000 in this unique program!

There's no need to chase people once your network is built. All you need to do is work with the people within your network and help them as they upgrade from one level to the next in the 8FDL program.

In this day and age, it is absolutely criminal for anyone to be living on $8 and $12 per hour wages when such unheard of amounts of money is circulating throughout our economy. That is the reason why there is such a huge call for at least a $15 per hour minimum wage being heard throughout the country today.

For far too long we have been trying to do things the American way: go to school, get an education, get a job, get married, raise a family, build a credit history, etc., etc., and then achieve the American dream. That looks like a lot of hoops to jump through. When trying to travel that route there is often a lot of traps and pitfalls, and sometimes when you're wanting to rise to that higher level in life you have to skip the smaller steps and instead be willing to literally leap into that new lifestyle. You have to be willing to take a Quantum Leap. You are being heard loud and clear when you say: "but it takes money to leap into a new lifestyle. It's nearly impossible to LEAP into a new lifestyle when you're only making $9 an hour and trying to raise a family."
Yes, that is very true but how much would it help if you were part of a unique marketing system which lines up for you people on a weekly basis who can't wait to pay you $2,000., $3,500., $6,000., $12,500., and $22,000 commissions, people who WILL have the money in hand or bank account to pay you when they contact you, and who'll be more than happy to pay you because paying you sets them up to be able to take their lives to a much higher level financially and begin receiving these same $2,000 and up daily & weekly commissions from countless numbers of other people!​​​

No, these won't be people that you'll have to work your tail off to get them to try to come up with the money. Our intent is to construct a system which will enable this to be realistically accomplished within 6 to 8 short weeks of joining our unique network. You'll begin to be contacted by the people you referred to the $25 opportunity, wanting to pay you to continue working with you in a venture which was started with them about 6 to 8 weeks prior. (From this point on your life will begin to drastically change for the better!)


The money they'll be paying you will be earned by them in an earlier part of our program, and when they start to contact you - you won't be contacted by just one person here and there. It will be 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 or 14 people in succession, all looking to pay you so that they can advance to the next level in the program. So, this could easily be 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 14 weekly commissions of $2,000 and more each pouring into your hands and bank accounts.

This opportunity we're presenting to you today is designed to do two (2) things: One is to put $2,000 cash in your hands within the next few weeks so that you can pay your way into an exciting new income opportunity called 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle.(8FDL) The second thing is to help you in building your own personal network of associates who will have the money to follow you through the different levels of the 8FDL program. The 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle program is a phenomenal opportunity which will easily allow anyone to turn their lives around and begin to earn thousands of dollars each week.

By far the biggest obstacle with a program such as 8FDL is the fact that in today's economy there are not very many people who have the $2,000 or $3,500 it takes to get into these programs. If someone has the required $2,000 to $3,500 to get in themselves, they will often run into problems when it comes to finding others who are so easily able to do the same.

But we at Systematical Wealth Systems have solved that problem. We have created a solution which will have - after just a few short weeks - people eagerly calling you each week to pay you the $2,000 it will take to get into this program and advance to the higher income levels. What you'll be doing here is building for yourself a new, higher financial foundation. After a week or two of you paying your $2,000 fee to get in the 8FDL program, the people that you referred will begin paying their $2,000 fees to get in. Guess who they'll be paying to get in: YOU!
The only exception being that you'll lose the first sale to your sponsor as a Qualifying Sale. (Losing your first sale qualifies you to be able to receive the first sale made by everyone you refer to the 8FDL program.) But you'll more than make up for that in that you'll get the first person from everyone you refer.
If you can look beyond the people who are advertising or telling you that they've made $2,500 or $5,000 last week in certain programs you'll soon find yourself so far ahead of them in financial earnings that it'll make their heads spin. When they advertise or tell you that info they're relieved because they got lucky. They finally found someone with the money to pay them that amount. Then the person who paid them now has the problem of finding someone with the money to pay them.
Your participation in this program is far different than that. In this program everybody starts at the $25 level and builds their income and their customer network from there. While they're bragging about finding someone who was finally able to come up with the $2,500 to pay them you'll be cruising along, with a network of 10 to 15 people paying you huge money every month. If you can be patient and not be swayed by the 'lucky' advertisers, within 7 to 9 months your income could easily exceed $250,000.
(The people you'll see in the 8FDL video were able to make huge amounts of money so quickly because they had prospects who had the money available to quickly get into the program, and actually most of them came from other programs similar to this funnel and other programs similar to the 8FDL program. Once you get into our funnel program and build your network you'll also have people who are able to quickly pay you and get into the 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle program and upgrade to the higher income levels.)