The Wealth Compass

Did You Know You Possess an Internal Compass Which Can Guide You To Wealth & Abundance?


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We recommend you to watch this video until the end to properly understand the principles The Wealth Compass program is based on. If you have any questions, feel free to use the comment section.

The Wealth Compass program helps you rewrite the limiting and negative conditioning, programmed into your subconscious, without you having to learn anything.

Because you never “learned” your conditioning in the first place, it’s all the beliefs, judgments, and “stories” you automatically absorbed, without ever even knowing it. And it’s all the stuff you don’t even know exists that’s making your most important decisions.

So, with The Wealth Compass program, you rewrite the stories your subconscious tells you and, as a consequence, you are able to free up your attention to focus on what you want, long enough to become “the observer” of a reality that inspires and excites you, every single day of your life.

The Wealth Compass Program harnesses 4 original Theta Tones that speak DIRECTLY to your limiting subconscious conditioning. And it begins by retelling the story about what’s truly possible for you, allowing you to create a strong relationship with your natural state of abundance. There is a structure to The Wealth Compass Program.

Each track is meant to be listened to once-a-day for a full week. One track for every direction of your life’s new compass. This allows the Theta tones to open up your subconscious and give each track time to integrate into your conditioning… rewriting your OLD STORY about scarcity and limitation.

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